Monday, November 7, 2011

Trip to Illinois Sept 7–18, 2011

We left Wednesday after Brent got off work.  If you ready the previous blog we had purchased two new tires.  We had been on the road for a few hours, stopped for a break.  Brent was worried about one of the other he changed it right there in the rest stop.  We drove on a bit, but decided to spend the night since it was dark.  If we had more problems it would be better to have them in daylight.  We was just past Tallahassee so we stopped for the night. 

We made it to Southern Illinois the next day with no problems.  We did purchase 4 more now we have 6 new tires and a good spare.

The parts for the rig were ordered…Brent does most of his work himself…more to come on the repair.

We always stay at Marion RV Park…great place for us to stay.  Centrally located for us to see everyone.

I had some family in town from Northern IL I had not seen in about 20 years.  It was great seeing them.  Wish we had more time to visit.


We always have lots place to go when we are in the next day we were off to the Lake of Egypt, my niece had was married the weekend before and had a small get together at their new home.


Ashley & Jason



Our family minus Justa, Chip and Kenz


Me and my brothers


We had dinner with Brent’s family at cracker barrel,

Above is his sister and her husband, her son and his daughter. Jacque, Jason, Rustin and Madison


Brent, his mom and sister


We met a few friends for a motorcycle ride, Mary and Vicky..we met at a Mexican restaurant then rode to Fern Cliff State Park


We walked back the a water fall.


Me, Mary and Vicky


Brent and I…

Always fun riding with those girls.

We headed south on Friday..took our time he didn’t have to be back to work until Monday.

Our 1st nights stop was at a great little camp ground..perfect for a stop over on the road.

We will definitely stay here again.


Site B-7


the road coming in..small office on the right.  Most of the time the office is closed, you are on the honor system.  The owners live in the very back of the property.  It is just a farmer trying to make a living.


Kona and Lilly made friends with the resident dog.

I forgot to mention once we go to Marion IL ..the truck was making an awful sound.  Brent figured out what it was…had to do with the exhaust…it was under warranty so off to the dealership we go.  The part had to be ordered….truck was fixed.

When we hooked up in Athens to leave, one side of the jacks would not go up.  This has happened before..seems a nut comes loose and drops off.  It happened in 2008…then again on this trip.  Again so thankful Brent can fix just  about anything.  He had it fixed in about 1/2 an hour.

We drove onto Dothan AL We stayed at this park that we have passed many times…I had looked earlier and it was a Passport of America place.

We passed several rv parks on 231 s….but I wanted to try this one…We stayed for the night, but it was not as nice as I thought, it pretty much was a mobile home park with rv’s thrown in between.


We had a pull through under a Pecan Tree…very little grass and not very level.  It was just an over night so it served its purpose.


We left there Sunday morning and headed to Jacksonville…had an uneventful trip the rest of the way.  We always hate going sad is that.  BTW this was the 54th night we had slept in our RV.  Not bad for a recreational Rver..wannabe full-timer

Sorry if this was long…I am going to stay on top of this from now on,almost caught up..…maybe post as we go.  Need to take more pictures too.


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