Monday, November 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend, Sept 1-5, 2011

As usual we went to Flamingo Lake RV Resort for the holiday weekend..Brent had to work some overtime that weekend so being close to home was good.  That OT helps plan more camping trips  ;o).

We had a great time as usual..the park was packed..we did our normal floating on the lake and hanging out.  There was several bands on the beach.  Me new friends too.


The Suarez’s along with Wendy and Maiya!


The Fiaaco’s and the Pye’s


Girls just want to have fun


Hanging at the beach


We can see now


My 2 favorite guys!


We camped with the Pye’s, the Baker’s, the Fiaaco’s, the Quinn’s w/Tam, and the McDaniel’s.

All was good..we headed home on Monday…then it happened..the loud pow and we saw plastic flying.  We had the dreaded blowout.  We were only about 4-5 miles from the campground so about 10 miles from home.  We was crossing over a water had to get off the bridge..thankfully there was an exit.  Brent got us pulled over…we jumped fire..whew that is what we are always scared of.


So so thankful for my husband and his ability to fix anything.  We left the campground at about 11:55…had the blow out and was back on the road at 12:30.

We arrived home and unloaded what we needed too…Brent went to work..below is what the straightened sheet metal looked like..(temp fix)


He got 2 new tires the next day.  The reason for the temp fix…this happened on Monday..we were leaving on Wednesday to go to IL to visit our family.  And we did make the trip.


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