Monday, December 20, 2010

Camp Blanding RV Campground

December 3-5 we went to Camp Blanding in Starke, FL on Kingsley Lake.

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 083

Our site #9 at Camp Blanding, it was very windy.  Spacious sites, we will definitely be going here again in the summer.  Look how clear the water is.

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 064 Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 065

Beautiful sunset….

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 063 Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 066 - Copy Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 068

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 078

View from our site..

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 081

Can’t wait to go again.

Summer fun thru Thanksgiving

The last post was short and sweet.  We are back to camping thank goodness.  Brent is almost 100% healed.  I am going to back up to July 4th 2010 and post some pictures from then.


We are at Flamingo Lakes RV resort…we always have fun there.

Brent had to go to work in Mississippi the week after July we headed west instead of east.  He had to work in Pascagoula MS, we camped in Gautier, MS at Indian Point RV Resort.


019 020

Thankfully it had a pool…that is where I hung out while he was at work.  It was very hot there.  The dogs only wanted to do their business and get back to the AC inside the rig.


026 027

We ventured to Biloxi on the motorcycles one evening.  We went to the Hard Rock Casino…gamblers we are not.  I was bored very quickly.  At least we tried.

On are venture back to Jacksonville we spent the night at  Florida Springs RV Resort in Bonifay, FL.  It was a nice overnight stop.  The owners were very friendly, they are new owners and have a lot of great plans for this place.

028 There is a nice lake.

032 The office033

Sock monkey had to get in on the pictures.

034 035

No lifeguard…who do you think I am.


My friend gifted me with Sock Monkey…he loves to go camping.  He will be showing up in pictures from our excursions.

We did a quick weekend trip to Flamingo Lakes RV Resort the last weekend of July first of August.  My friend Wendy stopped by with her dog to see us, the dogs are enjoying the sun.

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 029


Then the dreaded accident…see previous post.


Thanksgiving time…we stay 9 days at Flamingo RV Resort.  We go there a lot, it is close to home, Brent can still go to work from there.

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 036

Sock Monkey had on Mackenzie’s turkey hat she made at school.  He has to hang from the loft in the RV..Kona thinks it is her toy and would quickly rip the stuffing out of him.

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 041

Son in law Chip, grand pup Hunter and Mackenzie going for one of many rides on the golf cart.

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 042

Brent and Mike carving the turkey breast they grilled.

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 043

Wendy’s turkey she cooked at the campground in an electric roaster.

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 046

Look at all the food…we had an awesome time, plenty of food.

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 047

Our kids waiting patiently to eat.

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 049

We fed about 19 people.

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 051

If you look back to Thanksgiving from last year there is pictures of Kenz posing…she sure has grown in a year.

Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 053 Fall thru Thanksgiving 2010 054

While we were camping these 9 days we had 3 incidents in our rig, the first one was a water leak, coming from the wall in the toilet room…the only way to get to it was to tear into the wall.  So Brent did, fixed the leak, since then he has repaired the wall and you cannot even tell he tore the wall out.  Next Brent went to blow out a tart burner and the wax went all over the walls and down in the stove, I have no idea what why he blew so @@.  He did a fine job cleaning it up…what a mess.  Then Mackenzie had been doing so good about going in and out..she was coming in the RV and lost her balance on the steps…she had the screen door latch in her hand…you guessed it the latch stayed in her hand…thankfully she was not hurt.  Since we have 2 entrances he removed the latch from the back door and put it on the most used one.  We now have a new latch installed.  As they say things happen in 3’s.

Until next time!!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time sure flies

Wow I cannot beleive it has been so long since I posted a blog. We have been camping a few times, had plans to go more..but had to change our plans. Here is a quick update.

We did camp over Memorial Day weekend, and July 4th weekend at our favorite local RV resort. We had fun both times. We did camp there the first weekend in August also.

Had plans to go to Camp Blanding near Starke FL for about 10 days, Labor Day weekend and Biketober Fest in Daytona. On 8/9/10 Brent had a accident on a all of our plans had to be cancelled. We cancelled up to Thanksgiving...crossing fingers we can go then.

He is recovering...physical therapy starts next week, has been back to work for about 3 weeks and started driving himslef to work this past Monday.

It is wild how things can change in a second...things were turned upside down for a bit, we will get through this and be back to having fun.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Key West

Time sure flies, it has been over a month since my last blog.  Hopefully I can make this one interesting.

Brent and I went to Key West for a week.  So ready to go back.  We had a great low keyed time.

We left Jacksonville about 4:40 on Friday, April 2.  We drove to just north of Ft Pierce.  We stopped at a rest stop for the night. 

Up the next morning and on our way.  We wanted to do all the keys in day light.  What a nice drive.  Good thing we were in no hurry.  Slow going down Route 1.


Those pictures are some of the bridges including the 7 mile bridge. 

We stopped in Marathon for a quick lunch in the rig.  We arrived at Sigsbee RV park around 2.  We were assigned to a dry camp site, and assured we would get to move in a bout 4 days.  We were assigned to Site 248, this picture is taken standing at the front of the 5th wheel.

Key West April 2010 010 The Gulf of Mexico.

I think i can do this with no hookups.  Before we got to the site we filled up with water.  There always has to be a glitch…the pump wouldn’t work..great.  Brent emptied out the belly and located the pump, took it apart checked it out and it started working.  So thankful for his ability to fix things.  We now had water.  There is such a breeze we didn’t have to run the AC.

Key West April 2010 009 

While Brent was working on the pump, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.  At first i thought a raccoon.  Wrong…I ran to get my camera..but didn’t get too close.

Mama and her babies. Iguanas

We met our neighbors, Dave and Kathy from Finger Lakes New York area.

We just hung out at the campground that night.  We did walk a bit.  We left the dogs at home with our son, we sure missed them.  Will never leave them again.  Sorry Kona and Lilly.

Sunday we get up and Brent unloaded the motorcycles so we can go site seeing.  We rode off base and went towards downtown.  That was a short lived ride…lots of traffic and pretty warm  So back to the campground we go..  We parked the motorcycles, threw the bicycles in the back of the truck and headed out.  We were able to park near Trumbo, which is another military facility.  Once we were parked and took off on the bikes…we were in the heart of Duval Street within minutes.  Bicycles are the way to see Key West!  We had a sandwich at Hogs Breathe saloon.

Key West April 2010 016

Seems the pigeons come right in the restaurants looking for food. 

We also stopped in Sloppy Joes.

Key West April 2010 011

After riding bicycles all day in the sun and walking around we were pretty tired.  Showered in the shower house and called it a night.

Monday back at it.  We drove the truck to Trumbo and parked and got on the bicycles.  We had purchased tickets to ride the Conch Train.   I like to take those get to see lots and learn the history of the city you are in.  Also see what sites you want to go back too.

Tuesday back on the bikes and headed to the southern most point of the United States.

Key West April 2010 019

We did a lot of shopping in all the shops.  We are not the best tourist…we like to walk around and people watch.  I did get a nice fruity drink.

Key West April 2010 014

I like the roosters too…didn’t see as many chickens.

Key West April 2010 015 Key West April 2010 018

Some girls i know from jax..had recently up and moved to Key West…they are working at Guys Harvey’s bar and grill…so we stopped in and had lunch with them.

Key West April 2010 020

Tuesday when we arrived back at the RV we had a note on the door from the RV office we could move on Wednesday to full hookups. 

Tuesday was also our 25th anniversary…the reason for our trip.

More pics of another Iguana…I think it was the dad.

Key West April 2010 025 Key West April 2010 026

Another early night…guess we are getting old.

On Wednesday we got the rig ready to move, it was sad to leave the beautiful view, but would be nice to have full hook ups.  Off to site 90 we went.  It was right across the street from the bathrooms and laundry.

After we were set up, Brent started chatting with another camper that was filling his water jugs to put in his tanks, he had chose to stay in dry camping.  Long story short…he and his wife have a house in Jacksonville also.  They are here long term…they also have a boat in storage near the rv park.  You guessed it…he took Brent and I on a ride that afternoon…so we got a nice tour of the area via water.

Key West April 2010 028 Key West April 2010 031 This big boat had run aground and was abandoned.

Key West April 2010 032

To the left of the motor home is the dry site we were in for 4 nights.

We walked over to the sunset lounge that is located on the base for dinner.  We ran into our neighbors from dry camp there (they had already moved to full hook-ups)….had a nice time.  Took these pics..wonder if that is why it is called sunset lounge?


Thursday…we rode the motorcycles back up Rt 1 to Marathon Key.  had a nice lunch, did some shopping & took some pics from the other end of the 7 mile bridge

Friday was our last full day..back downtown on the bicycles…we had a bit of shopping to do.  The high light of our trip was Peppers of Key West.  We love sauces…especially hot ones.  This place has a bar around it..serves no drinks, you can bring your own.  You sit down and you get to try all the sauces you want.  So much fun.

Key West April 2010 045

That was our server Angie…she was the best.

Back to the camper for dinner…had to get ready to be out by 10 am.  We pulled out around 9:30, so sad our week was over.

We drove to Ft Pierce again…we opted for a RV park vs rest stop.  Sure glad we did…nice and relaxing.

We had a nice pull thru.  Good thing we stopped at an RV park, the pump quit working again.  At least it worked when we needed it.

Key West April 2010 046 

So now we are home…next camping plans are for Memorial Day Weekend.

Something we learned from this trip…while in Key West make sure you know where you lock your bikes up…some of the restaurants/bars have doors on 2 streets.  We searched 2 different times for our bikes.

Next time I will try and update the blog daily from a trip…too hard to remember each day.

This trip just made us want to full time more….some day…sigh!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time…………