Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time sure flies

Wow I cannot beleive it has been so long since I posted a blog. We have been camping a few times, had plans to go more..but had to change our plans. Here is a quick update.

We did camp over Memorial Day weekend, and July 4th weekend at our favorite local RV resort. We had fun both times. We did camp there the first weekend in August also.

Had plans to go to Camp Blanding near Starke FL for about 10 days, Labor Day weekend and Biketober Fest in Daytona. On 8/9/10 Brent had a accident on a all of our plans had to be cancelled. We cancelled up to Thanksgiving...crossing fingers we can go then.

He is recovering...physical therapy starts next week, has been back to work for about 3 weeks and started driving himslef to work this past Monday.

It is wild how things can change in a second...things were turned upside down for a bit, we will get through this and be back to having fun.