Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Small Update

We survived our weekend in Daytona for Biketoberfest. I didn't take as many pictures as I normally do at these things.

Here we are at the campground, Kona is guarding the bikes.
Kona and Lilly enjoying being outside, they just love camping.
This is my besties and I. The guys are looking at the bikes at the Rat Hole Bike Show. Then we went shopping, at a Harley Davidson outlet..yippeee!

Every day I go through a different part of the house and reorganize stuff. Sometimes it goes into the yard sale room, some gets filed into the trash. We are moving at a snails pace, but at least we are getting organized.

I love reading about all the other people that are in transition and the ones that are on the road.

Keep the blogs coming.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We brought the rig home from storage on Sunday. Getting it cleaned up and ready to go to Daytona for 4 days. Bikes are all cleaned up too. We are hoping for a tad bit cooler weather, it has been unseasonably hot and humid here in NE FL.

Pictures to come next week. :o)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


What a waste of money spent in the past. I again am going through closets. Where does all this stuff come from. No wonder last time we did a PCS we had 9 or 10 crates in storage, took 2 different trucks to deliver it, all the crates would not fit on one truck.

I just went through the Christmas stuff. I didn't open the ornament boxes, just the sit around junk. I have not purchased Christmas decor in quite a while. So must of this stuff is 10 years plus old, lots of snowmen. Keeping a few of the pieces, but the big stuff is going.

I saved ornaments for each kid, as they move out I give them their box of ornaments. Our son moved out in March, so I will give him his box. The daughter has hers already. Our big tree will be kinda bare. So maybe the big tree needs to go. This year we are going out of town so we are not putting up a big tree here. I have a small pre-lit tree I will put up in the RV. Only taking a few ornaments for it.

I never acquired a lot of fancy Christmas stuff so parting with all the cheapo stuff is not too hard.

When the time does come for us to sell the house and full time we will be getting a storage unit. I know many people say they are a waster of money, but somethings I just can't part with. We have Brent's grandmothers China among other things that belonged to our grandparents. Then there is all Brent's tools. He wants to keep most of it. We will come back to this area a few times a year, maybe we will be able to downsize each time. Also there is that thought if full timing doesn't work out..we will have some things to start out with.

We have been really good about not purchasing stuff. By the time we put the house on the market the house may look bare. Hope it will show well. Potential buyers are not looking at our furnishings..or shouldn't be, they should be looking at the house itself.

I have lots of craft books that I need to part with. Some of the crochet ones I still use I will keep, but I think I have talked myself into purging the plastic canvas books from the 80's. Lots of cross stitch too. Lots of embroidery floss too. I might keep it in the small case I have it in. Would take forever to replace. Who knows might start cross stitching again. But I am sure I won't be doing plastic canvas.

Back to purging...until next time................