Monday, October 31, 2011

Blythe Island Campground, Brunswick, GA July29-31, 2011


Someone over 4th of July suggested Blythe Island Campground in Brunswick, we decided to give it a whirl. 



It was it was very hot and humid.  This would be a nice winter camping trip.  Lots of ticks too…ick!


The campsites are very long…pretty private.

This is just about as in the woods we can get with our rig.


The lake…not something I would get in..but some people were swimming.  The water level was very low too.


Lots of domesticated rabbits running around..we saw black ones too.


More doggie pics..they love camping.  I did get a new bike with a basket, Lilly rides in the basket..this trip was our first try, she did great as long as she can see Kona.  Kona walks/runs along side Brent or she pulls him.


Lilly playing hide and seek 


There was something in the tree and Kona would sit for a long time just looking up…Brent was trying to see.


We had a nice time..would go back during cooler weather.



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