Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Been a long time

Seems I don't have much to share that would be of any interest to anyone.

We did go camping for 7 nights at a campground about 20 miles from our home. Brent continued to go to work each day. It worked out well. It was chilly a few the 40's. That is cold for Florida. We are heading to Southern Illinois for Christmas, so it gave me a clearer idea of what type of warm clothes I will need.

Since I watch Mackenzie during the week, she stayed with us a few nights. She had to pose at the entrance of the RV park.

Thanksgiving dinner turned out great.

Brent has went back and forth on our truck for sometime. This past weekend he finally decided to trade in our 07 2500 for a gently used 08 3500. We also traded in another vehicle we had in the garage. So we did ok with all the trading. Getting rid of the car was just another downsizing thing marked off of our list. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are packing to head north in a few days. I hope we can stay warm.

Happy Holidays to all.


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