Thursday, September 24, 2009


Not much going on around here, just going through things. Yesterday I cleaned out kitchen drawers, I have way too many kitchen gadgets, I sold Pampered Chef at one time for a short time. I removed all the gadgets out of the drawer and put them in a box. As I need to use something I will put it back in the drawer. Eventually I will be able to see what I do not need/use.

I was going through the kids (that no long live here) closets. Found some college books that they said they had tried to sell back, but the place would not take them. I went to a place near that house and was able to sell 3 of them. Money in my pocket.

I am the worlds worst about over buying food and such. I just went through all the spices and condensed the double containers.

If it takes us awhile to sell and get on the road, at least things will be nice and neat.

I love warm weather, but I will be ready for some cooler temps. It sure seems like this year it has been warmer than before for this time of the year.

The little one is napping, think I will nap too.

Until next time..........


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